Mislabelled and Misjudged

So I wasn't sure if I ever wanted to share this experience. I have rewritten this post quite a few times because I want to project my feelings in the truest and most educative way as possible. But as I continuously kept on redrafting this post and put off publishing it publicly, I just thought [...]

I 6ix9ine’d

Welcome back to The Diary, thank you for tuning in or should I say reading in. I am really not funny but when you're writing or should I say typing instead of talking you really think to yourself what can you use to substitute this word? I know other bloggers and writers know what I [...]


So THE SCRIPTED DIARY has been birthed, in other words welcomeeee tooooo myyy blogggg! Whooo it has not been easy setting up something as easy as a blog. The irony I know! It not as easy as you think, when you want something to be a certain way (*coughs* perfect) . You would think I [...]