So THE SCRIPTED DIARY has been birthed, in other words welcomeeee tooooo myyy blogggg! Whooo it has not been easy setting up something as easy as a blog. The irony I know! It not as easy as you think, when you want something to be a certain way (*coughs* perfect) . You would think I was building a house right from it’s foundation, in which is not entirely bad because a house has to be built on solid ground and not sinking sand >>>and we know what the outcome will be if that happens. In creating The Scripted Diary, the foundation for me was confidence. Confidence in myself, in this very platform and confidence in my subsequent readers. I never ever knew it would take so much courage for me just to write one post. But you know what they sayif your dreams don’t scare you then they are not big enoughand boy they scare me alright. I had another blog a few years ago and I stopped blogging, I felt I needed to….I guess recharge. However I’m back and revamped and ready to continue what I’ve always wanted to do, so sit back.

Oh excuse my manners, I didn’t even tell you a bit about myself first. It’s like when you’re getting to know someone for the first time and they drop the silly question of ‘sO tElL mE a BiT aBoUt YoUrSeLF tHeN?’ and then for a split second you forget your whole entire existence. Well my name is Naomi, I’m 21 and I live in London. I LOVE writing, talking, travelling and thinking (even though my thoughts may not align with simple human reasoning). Long story short I enjoy expressing myself a lot. When it comes to writing about my feelings or stories I feel at ease…hence why I had to give birth to The Scripted Diary. My due date was a long time ago but I just wasn’t ready to go into labour. I was in too much pain and I wanted to do things the natural way by just taking my time.

Oh don’t even get me started on how hard finding a blog name was! I’ve always had a sense of what I wanted to write on, but putting all your thoughts and ideas into a few words (that may not necessarily make sense) was a task in itself for me. But here we are and we got through it. I’ve always felt like I wanted to let people in on what I thought about life experiences whilst also being able to inspire, educate and entertain. So for me to say I have a set list of what I’m going to be blogging about is not so close to the truth but not so far from it either. I do have some things lined up so please do come back !!

The Scripted Diary is literally well… a scripted diary ! At first it was called The Diary but 1) the name was already taken (should’ve already guessed that someone would beat me to it) and (2) the name wasn’t a true reflection of this blog. Let me break it down for you on why. When we hear of the word ‘script’ or ‘scripted’ we generally think of a written text for a play, film or broadcast. It is something that has been written by a person with an idea in mind that is to be performed (Wow I feel like a teacher). Now a diary is usually an expression of what’s on our mind which can include our secrets, our experiences both good and bad or just things that are really dear to us. The two terms are quite similar because they are both written but there is one difference between them, one of them is ‘filtered’.

I’ll let you decide which one is.

So with that I’m not going to say (or write) that I’m going to be a open book because that’s just not realistic but it’s going to be merge of the realistic realities of real life and the not so real fantasies (AKA both my fiction and non-fiction stories). I really just aim to spread positivity to you all in a creative way, so promise me you will stick around?

That wasn’t a long first post now was it ? Thank you for taking time out of your day to visit my ‘diary’ hope you come back to read more!

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